4 Sure Ways to Rise up from Defeat

defeattEvery human being falls once in a while. Even champions lose when least expected. We cannot avoid failure because it is one of the ingredients of success. Those who try to avoid failure usually avoid success as well. The most important thing is to ensure that we do not allow failure to overcome us. In life, some of the things are just meant to be. To go beyond limits, you must accept moments as they happen. This will liberate you from being beaten to your knees by failure.

Making a decision to pursue your dreams will always be accompanied by defeat and failure along the way. The road won’t be straight all through. There will be bends, ridges, valleys, hills to climb and mountains to conquer. To beat the mountains, you need a dose of courage, resilience and persistence.

Defeat and loss should not halt you from continuing to strive for your passion in life. The continuous belief in your dreams will play a chief role in helping you to overcome defeat. Here are 4 ways to get yourself back on track after encountering defeat and loss.

1. Never Give Up

Thomas Edison once said and I paraphrase that our greatest weakness lies in giving up. He goes further and says that the most sure way to succeed in life is to try just one more time. When facing defeat, most people tend to focus on why they failed. Instead of plunging yourself into a pity party, use that time to try again and again to make your breakthrough. Success is a direct product of little efforts behind the scenes. If you desire to see change, you’ve got to inject in some effort. This is only possible when you get up, show up and be ready to take your next chance.

2. Remind Yourself Why you Started

In the midst of loss and defeat, remind yourself why you started. Your “why” should be positive for instance refusing to be limited in life. Your “why” should be to challenge your limits instead of limiting your challenges.

Life is unpredictable. Fate lies in the hands of God. As the clock steadily ticks away, we face new challenges. To progress, we require constant affirmation, hope and belief that everything is possible. Every challenge experienced on your path to success should motivate and inspire you to go back and familiarize yourself with your “Why.”

3.Find a Shoulder to Lean on

Defeat tends to shutter your confidence. In many cases, a feeling to avoid talking to people will surface because it pains to explain the way things turned out. To avoid this, you need to establish a framework of support from close motivators for instance friends, family and mentors.

Ask your pals how they manage to overcome challenges in life. Their stories will definitely inspire and motivate you back to your feet.

4. Maintain Positive Self-Talk

Negative self-talk is usually the shadow of defeat. These two follow each other. Part of success is by learning how to counteract negative thoughts that tend to flood the mind after failure. To beat defeat, you must gain positive energy by telling yourself statements like, “I can do it.”, “I will do it.” Tell yourself that defeat is temporary. This positive self-talk will neutralize the effect of defeat and loss-giving you a clear view of your goals.


Final Takeaway

Failure is not final. People who perceive failure as a continuing process of growth finally overcome it. Patience is vital in getting up after defeat. Defeat is just an event, so learn to let go. Keep nurturing your dreams in patience and in due time you will shine like a diamond.

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