9 Life-death Rules Followed by Outstanding Entrepreneurs

entrepreneursAre you interested to discover the life/death rules that govern the world of entrepreneurship? As we speak, entrepreneurship is changing lives worldwide. There are thousands of people daring to follow their dreams by becoming entrepreneurs. The main challenge is that only 20% succeed.

The road to success in entrepreneurship is unpredictable and sort of complicated than most people think. There are a myriad factors striving to block the journey of an entrepreneur towards success and growth. It is therefore imperative for every entrepreneur desiring to be among the 20% success cases to follow a set of rules that will significantly help to transform the normal way of doing business. This article will introduce you to 9 life/death rules followed by standout entrepreneurs.

1. Have Passion in What You do

Standout entrepreneurs are motivated by an innate desire to achieve the impossible. This zeal fuels them constantly from one challenge to another, ensuring they succeed at whatever they venture to do. Passion for an enterprises dwindles when one becomes bored with whatever they are doing. To stand out, you must keep the passion of whatever you are doing constantly burning in the inside of you. Enjoy every moment. Face entrepreneurial challenges with a smile on your face. Keep on challenging yourself. Life is just education. Learn everyday and keep your passion smoldering brightly.

2. Love as You Would Love Yourself

Be they clients or employees, you should be willing to share your love with them. Most entrepreneurs concentrate on keeping clients happy. They do all it takes to treat their clients like kings. There is no offense at all in using this approach as long as you do not make employees feel neglected.

It is vital to keep a constant balance between your clients and employees. Remember, human resource is the greatest asset for any outstanding entrepreneur. Love renews the productivity and the precious loyalty of human resource. This is a major secret to entrepreneurial success.

3. Learn to Listen in Humility

Proud and arrogant entrepreneurs do not reach far in the world of entrepreneurship. Humility is a trait associated with standout leaders and entrepreneurs. A humble entrepreneur will patiently listen to insights from customers, employees and peers. These insights are the warehouse of wisdom to entrepreneurial success.

4. Always Have an Open Mind

entre[reneurshipMost entrepreneurs launch their enterprises with the hope of succeeding instantly. They rarely foresee failure. This is a suicidal move! Have an open mind and always have a back up plan. In life, it is impossible to have things go our way all the time. Failure shouldn’t be the end of the road. Master the courage and bounce back.

5. Be Daring to Take Risks

No entrepreneur can survive without taking risks. Outstanding entrepreneurs take bold risks. This helps them to create revolutionary loyalty in their niche. A risk taker must weigh the pros and cons in an efficient manner to increase the odds of success. Give quality attention to details to ensure that you take only the right risks.

6. Never Look Down Upon Your Competition

Always be aware of your competition. Mediocre entrepreneurs tend to become complacent after achieving some level of success. This is a sure way to failure. Be consistent in your undertakings to maintain that steady momentum in pursuing your goals. A t the same time, keep a sharp eye on how competitors are performing. Get inspired to put in more effort if they are ahead of you and strive to stay ahead if they what they can see is your rear.

7. Network

There is power in connections and networks. What you do not know, somebody else knows. You only need to connect in order to leverage from whichever knowledge you are lacking. Use social media and other knowledge platforms to showcase your expertise in your niche. This will help you to gain trust and loyalty from customers and employees.

8. Be a Mobilizer

It is vital to have organizing skills to pool together resources during time of adversity. Apart from mobilizing employees, you should also be excellent at mobilizing finances and other necessary resources for the day to day running of the enterprise.

9.Flexibility and Adaptability

Standout entrepreneurs are ready to welcome and adapt to positive change. You should be ready to welcome new technological advancements in your niche. Support innovation and creativity within your organization and in due time you will reap the lasting rewards. This is the secret to success in the world of entrepreneurship.

Final Purport

Do you want to discover more secrets shared by standout entrepreneurs? Check out my book, “The M.E.T.H. Cycle at https://www.amazon.com/author/ericwere and share what else you discovered from the book in the comments box below. Thank you for reading my article. If you liked it please do not hesitate to share with your friends.


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