5 Questions Ultra-successful People Ask Themselves Every Morning

thoughtsAre you excited to discover some of the questions that frequently flash on the minds of the ultra-successful every morning? Everyone, even the happiest falls into a state of negative emotion once in a while. Nevertheless, staying in this negative state of thinking isn’t efficient and productive.

The most effective way to keep our production at peak levels is to master and control our thoughts. A thought is simply everything that appears and runs through our mind and acts as an answer to the questions we are asking ourselves. For instance, if you confess to me right now that you’re excited, your subconscious mind is simply responding to what delivered the strong feeling of happiness.

On the other hand, if your mind keeps posing questions like, “Why an I unsuccessful?” “Why am I sad?” Your subconscious mind will automatically look out for answers to prove those questions correct. This is the reason why majority of people are living a dull life-probably believing that everything in this world is against them.

Luckily, we have all it takes to take control of our thoughts. Since your brain will automatically seek for the answers to the thoughts clouding your mind, the only remedy to avoid plunging into the sad world of negative emotion is to ask the right questions and keep positive thoughts.

To set your mind right for the day, ask yourself the following 5 vital questions every morning.

1. God What Can I Do For Your Kingdom Today?

Life should not always be about ourselves but also about others. Before you think about yourself, think about others. Ask yourself, “What good can I do for someone today?” This question will give you focus and purpose. You will seek to add value to those you come across during the day and by doing so, you will be curving your path to success in life. Learn to think of yourself less rather than thinking less of yourself. Think more of others. With this mentality, your problems will always fall into place with little effort from your your side.

2. What is Making me Feel Happy Right Now?

Most things we desire to have in life are geared towards making us happy. We want to live healthier, make more money, make more friends and be more smart and intelligent. We chase after these things because of the belief that they will make us happy. However, when we fail to attain what we desire to have, we tend to feel upset and disappointed.

Instead of trying to seek for happiness from the external world or what we do not have, we should try to seek happiness from within ourselves. Asking yourself why you are feeling happy will make your mind to look for answers from the things you already have. Immediately, you will come to appreciate the fact that there are many things to feel good about- your career, relationship, car, house or even those good memories. We do not need anything else to make us happy in life. We only need ourselves because true happiness comes from within, not outside.

thoughts 2

3. What am I Thankful for Right Now?

Gratefulness and appreciation are among the greatest secrets treasured by those who undertake positive exploits in life. When you start asking yourself what you are grateful for, you start to see the environment around you as a gift. You stop complaining about life and start seeing how every event should be in your life. Moreover, you will start to learn how to forgive.

Suze Orman once said, “When you are grateful, when you see and appreciate what you have-you unlock blessings to flow in your life.”

4. What am I Excited About Right Now?

To be successful, every human being must feel excited and passionate about whatever they are doing. Asking yourself what makes you excited gives you a clear picture of what inspires you to spring up on your feet and take the required action in order to reach your goals.

What excites you doesn’t need to be anything big for instance winning the Nobel Prize. Excitement can come from small things for instance the upcoming dinner with your family, the upcoming match or the daily exercise routine.

5.What achievements am I Proud For Right Now?

Most of the times if not all, we concentrate on how far we still have to go and feel upset and exhausted before we even make it to the finish line. By asking yourself what you’re proud for, you are looking back on how far you’ve come from. In addition, this question helps to nourish your relationship with other people, especially those close to you. You can be proud of your daughter, your son,your spouse or your siblings. With this, you will tend to focus on appreciating their strengths rather than their imperfections and weaknesses.

Final Takeaway

We take charge of our destiny by controlling thoughts that pass through our minds. What you think defines you. To gear up for success, take control of your thoughts and carefully select the questions you ask yourself.

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