7 Signs You Are Going to Fail in Life if You Do Not Change Instantly.

failureJust like success, failure leaves clues. The habits of those who eventually succeed in life is the exact opposite of those who constantly fail at everything. You can be the most lucky chap in life but if you persistently follow these 7 habits, no amount of fortune will bring you long-term success.

1. You Are Indisciplined

Discipline is the key to success. You will never succeed if you cannot practice discipline. If you aren’t willing to undergo pain now for a payoff in the future, then the chances of you succeeding in life are zero. If your life is limited to the desire for instant pleasure with minimum/no effort, then you won’t be changing the world any time soon.

2. You are Poor at Managing Finances

Spending money frivolously is a sign of immaturity and lack of respect for capital. Finances and success go hand in hand. If you disrespect money, you are taking the opposite route to success. The opposite of success is always failure. Now you know.

3. You Cherish Throwing Blames

It is important to understand that the biggest factor behind any success is the magnitude of your desire for success. Yes some individuals might have been lucky enough to stumble over right opportunities but without the passion and zeal to succeed, even those opportunities become useless. If your favorite game is to blame your boss, parents, friends or circumstances for the lack of success, then your approach to life is simply bad. You strongly believe that someone else somewhere is in charge of your destiny. This kind of belief only spells doom and failure.

4. You Give Up Easily

give up.jpg

The major difference between successful people and failures is their ability to consistently finish what they start. Failure only talk the walk. They never walk their talk. They say they want to follow their dreams but when the going gets tough, they easily buck off. Passion won’t get you anywhere if you lack the zeal to follow through all the way.

5. You Lack a Goal

Lack of a goal in life means that you do not know where you are going. If you do not understand where you are going, you will certainly wander about aimlessly. Success in life is a journey with myriad milestones. This journey needs a map to keep you on the right track. Your goal is the map. Without a goal you will end up getting lost in the jungle.

6. You Lack Faith in Yourself

If you do not believe that you will succeed at anything you are sure to fail. Only those who believe that something is possible make determined efforts to actualize their dreams. Total failures in life believe from the word go that nothing is going to work. Lack of self-belief leads to lack of action and eventually failure.

7.You Care About Pleasing Others

One bitter truth in life is that even if you try to please everyone, there will ALWAYS be a group that will find another reason to complain. Stop pleasing everyone if your desire is to evade failure. Instead, focus on accomplishing the purpose why God created you.

Final Purport

If you cannot fight for what you want then do not complain when you fail to get it. If you are too scared to stand up and claim what you want, then be satisfied with living the boring life of a nice guy who is a total failure.

Do you want discover more signs you are going to fail and how to overcome the limiting clues? Check out my Best Selling book, “The METH Cycle” and learn more. Do not hesitate to tap the share buttons below to spread the joy. Thank you.


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  1. samjsanderson says:

    I’m sure most people struggle with at least one of these! Great post with lots of insight and things to think about thank you very much!


    1. Eric Were says:

      You’re most welcome Sam. The pleasure is all mine.

      Liked by 1 person

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