5 Secrets to Break Negative Habits.

time for changeDo you want to know how you acquired those negative habits and how you can transform them to positive habits? The first source of negative habits is the environment you were born in. You hear what other people say, how they act, you experience their inner personality.

The way you act and think is molded by your environment. What usually happens in life is that most of us tend to carry negative habits from our childhood to our adulthood. Nevertheless, this squarely depends on your upbringing.

Another source of negative habits is our lifestyle. We only come to discover later in life that our lifestyles are letting us down. Everyone slips from time to time. This is normal because we are humans. However, having bad habits shouldn’t be permanent. You can eliminate them and start a new phase of a totally different life. Here are the 5 practical tips you need to implement to uncork yourself from negative habits.

1. Sample them Out.

The first and most important step to take is to identify your negative habits. Carefully examine your life. What do you dislike about yourself? Do you hate yelling at your kids from time to time? Do you dislike your body? Do you drink too much and feel sad and depressed the following day? Do you hate your eating habits?

You have to find out what needs change and be clear with yourself.

2. Assess the Undesirable Impact of those Negative Habits.

After identifying what lets you down, assess its disadvantages. How does this bad habit make you feel? What has it changed in your life? How many opportunities has it made you to miss out of life?

Immerse yourself in a state of absolute pain. Stop blaming other people and quit apologizing for your negative behavior. This step will definitely make you feel totally bad about yourself, but it is vital to make you see the reality. The only way to change is to identify your problem and face it boldly without fear.

Negative habits 1

3. Visualize Your Life Without That Negative Habit.

The first two steps are the most difficult ones in this journey of redemption. The next step is now to use your mind to imagine the positive transformation you will have once you make the necessary adjustments. How does it feel without that negative habit? Do you feel the positive spasms cascading down your body? What you feel now is the transformed YOU. It is the person you will become once you challenge yourself to change those negative habits. Remember, you are who you decide to become.

4. Take Action.

Thoughts are now over. You made yourself feel bad and good as well. It is now time to do something. This is the step where most people slip. Many admire change and they talk about it but they never take a serious step towards change. Without appropriate action, you will only realize meager results. Don’t wait for a perfect moment. Just grab the opportunity at hand now to get the momentum.

5. Remain Hopeful and Patient.

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Negative habits won’t leave instantly either. Be patient with yourself, pick yourself up when you fall and try again. Be consistent in implementing your transformation strategy and watch the positive transformation unfold.

Final Purport.

Breaking negative habits gives you complete control over your life. Until you take that bold step, life will control you whether you like it or not. The only way to live a joyful and happy life is to eliminate your negative habits. Everything is readily available for you. All you need is to gather courage and take the first step. All the best.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Marta Frant says:

    The tips are great. I totally agree that the environment has a huge impact on our behavior.


    1. Eric Were says:

      Thank you Marta.

      Liked by 1 person

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