4 Easy Steps to Become a Fast Leaner.

learn fasterDo you want to discover how to increase your learning capacity? If you put an average chap next to a successful person, you will realize that the former had more knowledge that led to his/her success compared to the latter.

Time is a limited asset. Accelerating your rate of acquiring new skills will save you a lot of time and put you ahead of the everyone. Whether your goal is to start a new business, learn a new language or learn how to play an instrument, here are the 4 most powerful methods that will help you to accelerate your rate of acquiring new skills.

1. Learn by Immersion.

Immersion here means learning by doing. By far, this is the best method to learn anything. Research reveals that people retain only 5% of what they learn from a lecture, 10% of what they learn from reading, 20% of what they learn through watching/listening, 30% of what they learn from demonstrations, 50% of what they learn from group discussions, 75% of what they learn through practice and 90% of what they learn when they apply it instantly.

Do you remember how you came to learn how to ride a bicycle, swim, play football or basketball? Instead of watching training videos/tutorials on how to do the above, you decided to get into the trenches and gain experience by doing, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes.

2. Focus More on the Process Rather Than Performance.

A major mistake I have seen most people make is to concentrate on the results more than the process of acquiring those results. To me, the process is more important than performance. If the process is well planned, results will cater for themselves.

In life, it is impossible to see any admirable result until you inject a substantial amount of work in advance. For athletes, this is waking up every morning before most people and training. For musicians, it is turning up at the recording studio and working on the vocals, tunes and instruments. For writers, it is writing daily-no matter how bad you might be feeling.

These small steps eventually lead to the overall success and celebration. If you focus on performance, you will soon give up. Results are born from the process. Remember, 75% of success in life comes from just showing up.

learn fast

3. Find a Mentor.

Another way to enhance your speed of learning is by finding a coach. Evidently, most people performing at the highest levels for instance Business titans and athletes have a coach. Having a mentor allows you to clearly see blind spots for instance money shortage, time deficiency, inevitable threats, hidden strengths and the required commitment/interest to attain your goals. The essence of a coach is to assist you not to go at it alone. Having a mentor takes you miles further than trying to accomplish everything by yourself.

4. Focus on What Matters.

When it comes to learning; the unknown is an ocean while the known is only a drop. Because there is so much we do not know, it is tempting to try learning everything you come across. This eventually leads to confusion and time wasting. Focus on one or two important things that will significantly assist you to achieve your goals. For instance, instead of struggling to please one customer who pays $37 per month, give ten times more value to the customer who pays $500 per month.

Final Purport.

When it boils down to learning, the method always beats the duration of time put into something. If you wisely choose the method that gives the best results, you will reap more success and save more time.


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