7 Life Changing Lessons I Learned From Reading The Alchemist


AlchemistReading is a fantastic skill that gives us unlimited access to the minds of the greatest historians, philosophers and all time generational leaders. One of the legendary generational leader is Paulo Coelho. His book, The Alchemist is one of the most amazing books that leaves a lasting positive impact in the life of anyone who takes time to read it.

In this article, I will share with you the 7 life changing lessons I learned by reading this classical work of art.

1. The most Important Aspect of Your Life is Your Mission.

Everyone requires a mission in life. This is what gives you your purpose and drive. Knowing your why enhances dedication to skill building. In addition, it increases your clarity for the future and improves your hustle.

Having a mission goes further to nourish your relationships with friends, family and your life-time partner because you are living your purpose here on earth. Fulfilling your purpose daily adds more value to your finances and your time management. Simply put, clarifying your mission makes everything else fall in its rightful place.


2. The Power to Build Your Ideal Life Lies in Your Hands.

Just to refresh your memory, the word, “Alchemy” means create or transform something through some seemingly magical process. Alchemy is the ability to design your own life from what was just an illusion before to reality. This ability is simply magical because only a handful have done it. Nevertheless, this is a chance that lies ahead of everyone of us. It is therefore vital to snatch the opportunity and rise to the occasion.

3. Life is All About the Journey, not the Destination.

Majority of us, myself included, think that striving for a destination is the most important thing in life. We keep wishing if we could just reach our dreams…if we could make more than enough money to do everything we dream of…the list is endless. Sincerely speaking, this type of mentality is pointless because all we have is the present moment.

Life requires us to be always in the present moment. It is absolutely foolish to be unsatisfied in the here and now. It is simply delaying our happiness and fulfillment to a time that may never come. Reach and work towards your goals daily and enjoy the process.

4. Everything You Need is Right Where You Are.

Many times along the journey of fulfillment and success, we come to realize that everything we needed was right where we began. It is unnecessary to seek something from the exterior to make us happy or fulfilled because everything we need to succeed in life is in the inside of us.

5. Prepare to Face Setbacks on Your Way to Success.

Before recording any type of success, you will have to first pass through many setbacks which resemble failures. Be thankful for all these setbacks because they eventually open doors to what you want. You cannot succeed without any form of failure. This is the rule of the jungle. Cheer up and change your mentality when challenges sprout. Just know that you are a step closer to achieving your goals.

6. Setbacks Are Temporary.

Setbacks are not failure, quitting is. The easiest way to fail is to give up. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice everything for what you really need out of life, then you do not deserve it anyway. The world will always test your will to grab what you really want out of life. Never buck off because of setbacks. Be courageous and boldly say, “bring it on!”

7. Success and Happiness are Products of Continuous Commitment to Growth.

Often times, the search for happiness reveals itself in the search of money, fame and higher levels of success. To the contrary, you are already happy and successful if you are committed to growth, abundance and betterment. Before embarking on any journey, realize that you’ve got all it takes within you to succeed. That you have the capacity to develop a strong mindset and the capacity to learn more than you ever thought was possible.

Final Purport.

Books reveal the unknown world to us. They expand our minds to see endless opportunities available in life. The greatest investment in life is to read many books. The more books you read, the wiser you become in whichever field of life. The Alchemist is a book worth reading immediately.


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