7 Ways to Encourage Yourself When Feeling Low


runnersDo you want to discover how to pick yourself up when feeling low? This article is all you need. In life, we all face life-changing moments which make us question our abilities and existence. Some of these circumstances are absolutely overwhelming and out of control, leaving us hopeless and doubtful of our future existence. For me, it was the lose of my uncle. For you it might be losing a job you had really worked hard to attain, a breakup, a divorce, making a huge loss in your business or even losing a house. You never saw it happening and now that it has disorganized your life, you have no idea the next action to take.

Here are 7 ways to encourage yourself when everything seems crumbling.

1. Nothing is Permanent.

Let’s face it. All situations; both pleasure and pain are temporary. Everything happening to you now will soon come to an end. The challenges you are experiencing now will definitely come to a halt. Tears will dry up and your pain will disappear. Take heart and face each day with courage until the better day finally comes.

2. The Worst Has Already Happened.

If everything looks crumbling and you are experiencing pain and disillusionment, know that it can’t get any worse. You’re already hit the rock bottom and when you are down in life, the only place to go is up. Smile and sigh with relief because it can only get better after your huge shock. Confucius, one of the greatest philosopher once said, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

3. You Picked Yourself Up Before.

Maybe what happened to you before this painful event wasn’t as devastating as this one. But you’ve felt low several times in life and managed to get back on track. When you felt like the entire world was closing in on you, you somehow rose to the occasion and continued with your life. Use that habit of resilience to get your life together and to keep moving towards your goals in life.


4. After Failure Comes Success.

Only when you discover what does not work can you find out what actually works. Failure is always the breeding ground for success. The more and quicker you fail, the faster your rate of learning and gaining the required experience to face challenging situations in life for success.

5. With Every Disappointment, Comes a Lesson.

As you pull through from this devastating circumstance, there is a lesson to capture. Your role is to establish the purpose and meaning of this pain. This negative occurrence might give you an encouraging story to share and motivate those who were feeling low. Instead of whining and complaining, put all your attention in discovering the lesson behind this painful circumstance in your life. Instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?” ask yourself, “Why is this happening for me? Or What can I learn from this?”

6. Failure is a Wake Up Call.

You may have feared to take that risk or make the necessary changes in your life. Now that the worst has happened and your greatest fears have been confirmed, there is nothing more to be afraid of. What changes need to be effected immediately? What were you refusing to accept in your life? What action will you take to revert the ugly look of things? Sometimes in life we need a wake-up call to alert us to be true to ourselves in order to live our lives to the fullest.

7. Be Thankful Always.

The secret to happiness in life is not having everything you need, but being thankful for everything you have. With every negative event in your life, there are a thousand things to be grateful for. Instead of fear and worry, focus on what you can be thankful for today. What positivity can you see in this negativity. Believe you me, every negativity has some positivity and every positivity will almost always have some traces of negativity.



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