7 Easy Steps to Transform Your Attitude From Negative to Positive.

attitude transformsMany people tend to believe that intelligence is the only way to achieve success in life. They are convinced that in order to perform well in life, you must be blessed with a high IQ.

It is very true that a high IQ helps in achieving many things, but it is not the measure of one’s ability to succeed in life. Carol Dweck, a popularly known Stanford University psychologist wrote in her Book- “Mindset: How You Can Fulfill Your Potential,” that when it comes to performance, attitude is far much more influential than IQ.

Dweck’s research found out that people’s attitudes fall into one of the two broad categories which are: a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. A person with a growth mindset believes that they can improve with effort. On the other hand, a person with a fixed mindset believes that they cannot change who they are. As a result, a growth mindset allows the owner to make mistakes, learn and grow-therefore performing beyond their IQ and leading a more successful life.

That said and done, how does someone improve their attitude, develop a growth mindset and perform beyond their intelligence quotient? Here are 7 ways to do exactly that.

1. Develop a Passion in What You Do.

American business guru Warren Buffett (probably the most successful investor in the world) has often been quoted saying that the key to success is discovering your passion. Being passionate about what you do is pretty instrumental to any type of success at anything. Passion and motivation puts you in a position to compete with those who are naturally gifted.

2. Learn to Love and Accept Setbacks.

It would be heavenly if life went as planned always. Unfortunately, it never does. Therefore, it is vital to learn not only to cope with setbacks but also to embrace them. Embracing setbacks allows you to learn from mistakes, bounce back and discover new ways to achieve success. Do not expect to always be great. Failures, setbacks and disappointments are a normal part of life. Constantly be up whenever there is a problem and go get it solved.

3. Overcome Fear By Taking Action.

The only way to defeat anxiety and fear is to take action. Those with a growth mindset understand this analogy. Learn to overcome emotions of anxiety and fear. Turn your fear of the unknown and fear of failure into positive, targeted energy and take your chances now. Stop waiting for the right moment. Grab this moment and make it right.

4. Don’t Allow Failure to Break You.


Successful people live in positive anticipation. When things go contrary to your expectations, do not let it crush your hopes. The moment you give up expecting positive results out of life, you literally wave goodbye to your goals. Positive anticipation will keep you motivated to continue on the path towards success.

5. Go and Extra Mile.

Push yourself to go an extra mile. Remember willpower is unlimited, not finite. There is always room for improvement. Those with a growth mindset understand that there are no limits in life, not even the sky. Hills and valleys will always be there. Learn to push past them.

6. Avoid Complaining.

There are situations in life when complaining is allowed. However, your career isn’t one of these situations. Complaining about your career is just a show of a fixed mindset. Look for an opportunity in every disappointment and learn to fully embrace situations instead of complaining about them. Remember, the future belongs to those who keep pressing on. Have no time to feel sorry for yourself. Have no time to complain. Keep pressing on. Your golden opportunity could be hidden within the challenge!

7. Be Flexible.

Failure is inevitable. People with a growth mindset understand that the highly successful have probably failed the most. On the other hand, those with a fixed mindset view failure as a roadblock. This stops them from learning and progressing to the next level. Be flexible and simply learn from failure.

Final Takeaway.

The best part about attitude is that it can be changed. Anyone who wishes to change can adjust their way of thinking and attain high levels of success.


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