4 Amazing Tips Used By Successful People to Create Productive Habits

HABITSZDo you want to unlock the secrets used by the successful to create productive habits? You stumbled upon the right article!

I believe your desire is to transform your life. Unfortunately, you can’t seem to change even a single old habit. You have become an Internet addict because of browsing endless articles on productivity advice. Yes you found some special tips to implement, but after a couple of days, you went back to the old you.

You are dying slowly from the inside because you can’t seem to change your undesirable habits. You truly want to be perfect. Every time you come across an inspirational quote or article, you convince yourself that it is going to change you this time round. However, the truth is that you have never learnt from the mistakes you made before. Most of us tend not to analyze the reasons behind our past failures. This makes us to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. This tendency to go through the same cycle of failure is the perfect definition of insanity. Here are 4 tips that have assisted me to change my bad habits. I believe they can help you too if you give them a shot.

1. Allow Yourself to Make a Mistake Once in a While.

The willpower to change your habit is not going to be present always. You must allow yourself to fail once in a while. Do not allow yourself to be discouraged when you fail once. Realize that you aren’t perfect. You are bound to fail once in a blue moon. It is therefore vital to master the rare skill of bringing yourself back up and reminding yourself why you started in the first place. You must remember that the most successful people have failed many times than the average folks. A person who never commits mistakes takes his orders from the one who fails from time to time. Get back to your feet and realize that failure is simply a price to pay to reach success.

2. Target a Single Habit at a Time.

It is expensive and demanding to do a major overhaul to an old house at once. The same applies when it comes to changing habits. Targeting to change multiple undesirable habits at the same time will leave you overwhelmed and desperate. It is therefore beneficial to target a single habit at a time. After bringing one habit under your control, move to the next. It may be a huge challenge to stop smoking and begin waking up at 5 AM at the same time. But if you decide to begin training yourself to wake up at 5 AM followed by stopping to smoke; the task becomes doable. Decide to tackle one habit at a time. This will not only be manageable, but it will also encourage you to move to the next battle with enthusiasm once you conquer the first one.

3.Do Not Treat Yourself For Conquering An Ugly Habit.

Why should you reward yourself for trying to implement a desirable habit? Do you reward yourself for brushing your teeth or changing your underpants daily? Rewarding yourself means you require something to ease your suffering. If you need a reward, then you chose the wrong habit to implement.

The only reward you need is the inner feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment. That is the only motivation that truly works. It gives you the inner desire to push…the intrinsic will to conquer and prosper. This inner fire cannot be beaten by any external motivation.

4. Do Not Tell Others What You Are Up To.

Letting other people know your intentions tends to give you a false sense of achievement. It deceives you to feel that you have accomplished your goal already. You are more likely to achieve your intentions if you keep them private.

Telling others about your goals increases accountability. Even though this sounds real, the truth is that no one will bother to ask you why you ate that cookie when you were supposed to limit the amount of high-fat food. Successful people hold themselves accountable instead of delegating that role to others. Do you want success? Be accountable for your own actions.

Final Verdict.

Visualize yourself having changed the habit you have always desired to change. You will feel like you just conquered the entire universe. Changing one habit will allow you to know exactly how to change others. Your change will inspire others. They will ask for your guidance. Begin taking action now because if you don’t, nothing will change in your life.


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